Alder and Dash
Physical Description


Personal Information

Belle and Murray, each other


Kibosh, Casper

Family Information
Family members

Belle and Murray (aunt and uncle)

Chronological and political information



Casper's Scare School

Voiced by

James Belushi (Alder; movie) Bob Saget (Dash; movie) Matthew Geczy (Alder and Dash; season 2)

Alder and Dash are the two-headed headmaster(s) of the Scare School. Dash is the smarter, more conniving of the two, while Alder is slower on the uptake, but occasionally has good ideas. They are both rude and manipulative, and delight in causing the students and fleshies misery. In the movie, they were fed up with being the headmasters of Scare School and concocted a plan, and a potion, to usurp Kibosh and take over the underworld. Their plans were stopped by the return of their "Ankle" (Aunt and Uncle), Belle and Murray. In the series they are often full of ridiculous schemes that never pan out.


Alder and Dash wore a purple robe (dark purple in movie). Alder wears a red fez, green eyes and goggles while Dash has orange hair, orange eyes and scholar cap.


Dash is smarter and more conniving than Alder, which is slower on uptake, but has good ideas occassionally. But in season 2, Alder seemed to have more lines than Dash and more serious and smarter and there are tiny amount of schemes there



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