• Freyahmc

    Obivously, it seems rather unlikely the show will get a revival (Unless someone miraculously has an incredible pitch for Dreamworks, since they now own the rights to Casper.) But if you were given the ability to change things such as character arcs, art direction, casting, and animation around in a revival of the show, what would you do?

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  • Caramella Girl4215

    Hello everyone!

    So who is your favourite character? And why?

    Here we can discuss about the characters and tell our opinions.

    Also, would you like to see new characters in the show? Which new characters would you like to see? Yes, yes I know the show was canceled and we won't have a third season but we can always talk about our ideas.

    Bye then. And have fun :)

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  • Dante hotspur

    AS a CSS fan I know the show is very hard to find, so for all the fans I created a blog with links to the episodes I wll upload more episodes soon, please enjoy and comment: on this site you will find links to download the episodes.

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