The second season debuted with the episode "Monster Movie". It ended with the season finale "Last Dance" and "Mummy's Boy". The season focuses more on the secondary cast rather and Casper's gang.

Character debuts Edit

Season 2 Edit

Title Original air date Chapter # Episode #
"Monster Movie"/"Quacky Duck" October 2, 2012 1 1

"Monster Movie" In the season premiere, Casper and his friends make a monster movie.

"Quacky Duck" Someone brings a rubber duck to Scare School.

"Dopplegangers"/"Totally Bats!" October 3, 2012 2 2

'"Dopplegangers:" The students learn how to copy other living beings' appearances. Casper turns himself into Jimmy. By mistaken identity, Mr. Bradley accidently takes "Jimmy" to a TV quiz show.

"Totally Bats!:" Casper and Jimmy are trying to get rid of some bats out of the kitchen cabinet. Casper convinces Thatch to take those bats with him, but it makes matters worse as Thatch and his new bat friends are out on a scaring spree.

"Cappy's Mail Order Eyes"/"Pumpkinpal" October 4, 2012 3 3

"Cappy's Mail Order Eyes:" Casper, Mantha, and Ra give Cappy a new pair of eyes for his birthday so that he can actually see, but it turns out to be the wrong pair of eyes and now Cappy is afraid of everything he sees.

"Pumpkinpal:" Pumpkinhead pretends to have a secret friends called Veggie man.

"The Day the Professor Croaked"/"The Bellyache Mystery" October 5, 2012 4 4
The Day the Professor Croaked: Professor Burns wants to leave Scare School for a special convention so Casper makes the headmasters believe that the professor has turned into Mosshead's fire-spitting toad Ricardo.
"The Potent Brew"/"Goodbye Jimmy" October 7, 2012 5 5
"The Potent Brew:" Stinky and Mr. Bradley get trapped in one of Mr. Bradley's ghost traps.

"Goodbye Jimmy:" Mr. Bradley plans to move to Scotland.

"Poltergeist Assignment"/"Little Dragon" October 13, 2012 6 6
Poltergeist Assignment: Frankengymteacher teaches the kids the basics of telekinesis and assigns a different house to each kid so they can practice with their new powers.

Little Dragon: Casper finds a dragon egg in the forbidden attic and brings it to Professor Burns' class. The teacher is thrilled about it and fetches the headmaster so that he can also attend the dragon's birth.

"Haunting Smell" /"The Manor Has Disappeared" 7 7
Haunting Smell: Fatso and Stretch can't stand Stinky's stench so hey decide to suck his odour out of him with a hoover.

The Manor Has Disappeared: Casper is left in charge of the manor while his uncles go fishing.

"Thatch My Idol"/"Monster Catcher" 8 8

"Thatch My Idol:" Casper has had enough of seeing Thatch bully his friends so he sprays him with a perfume he found in his uncles’ magic ointment box, thinking that it will make Thatch friendly.

"Monster Catcher:" Casper is guided by a mysterious compass which belonged to his ancestor Jasper the Jester. The compass leads him and his friends to a secret room in Scare School and soon realise they are actually trapped in a labyrinth.

"Home Alone"/"I'm Not a Hero" 9 9

"Home Alone:" Casper is punished by the headmaster for having helped an old lady carry her shopping bags and is forced to carry all the teachers' bags while they are in a reunion. Meanwhile, Thatch takes the chance to take over the school.

"I'm Not a Hero:" During a scare assignment in Deedstown Casper can’t resist rescuing a kitten that was about to fall from a tree.

"Dream Team"/"Curse of the Ring" 10 10

"Dream Team:" Casper is at Jimmy’s house and bumps into Mr. Bradley sleepwalking. It turns out that Mr. Bradley is being haunted by a very naughty Dream Ghost.

"Curse Of The Ring:" Casper finds a ring in the ‘Secret Attic’ and puts it on. Unfortunately, the ring won’t come off and even starts to control Casper himself.

"Cheese"/"Casper's New Friend" 11 11

"Cheese:" Casper asks his uncle Stinky to fix Mantha’s ‘polaroid’ camera after he accidently made her drope it, they have a fear test and she wants to take photos of frightened things for the test. The camera works but now it turns any living being into a picture. When Thatch hears about it, he steals the camera from Ra and goes on a wild spree trapping everybody in a photo.

"Casper's New Friend:" Casper accidentally frees "Goo The Giggling Ghoul"’ from a vial in the science lab and has to show him that being scary is better than being friendly.

"Sweet Dreams"/"Typewriter From Hell" 12 12
"Typewriter from Hell:" Stretch lends Casper his typewriter while he tries to fix Casper's laptop. Casper uses a typewriter that writes the opposite of what he says.
"Mad-Dog McSneer"/"Our Boy Wolfie" 13 13
"Ghost Writer"/"Ghost Magnet" 14 14

"Ghost Writer:" Casper and Jimmy's favorite author announced that he is retiring because he doesn't have any ideas for his next story. So Casper tries to help him get inspired again, but instead he ends up scaring him and have him ran straight to the Manor. There the author meets The Trio and he's scared of them as well. The author accidently sent to the Underworld. Now it's up to Casper and his uncles to try to rescue him before he gets discovered by the Scare School students.

"Ghost Magnet:" Mr. Bradley invents a magnet that is supposed to attract ghost but instead it takes away ghost ablities. Not only Casper and his family lost their powers, but a real estate agent is going to sell a couple the Manor. Casper discovers that they can only communicate through electronics and appliances. Now it's up the ghost family to try to get Mr. Bradley to turn off the magnet before they lose their home.

"Invasion of the Bog Monsters"/"Now You See Me Now You Don't" 15 15

"Invasion of the Bog Monsters:" Casper finds a whistle and gives it to Professor Burns for his ear-drums bursting but he ends up bringing the bog monsters into scare school and they start turning everyone into bog monsters like themselves.

"Now You See Me Now You Don't:" Casper, Mantha and Ra get Frankengymteacher to believe that he can turn invisible to get them out of detention, which leads to him doing things that he wouldn't do if people saw taking Thatch's sandwich and eat it in front of him and sing to Ms. Hedy. Alder and Dash find out that he has been "acting up" and suspended him. If Casper can prove that Frankengymteacher can turn invisible he can get his job back.

"Love Potion"/"Stage Fright" 16 16

"Love Potion:" Casper accidently creates a love potion that will turn even the most scariest monster into a lovable creature.

"Stage Fright:" Woodworth gets cast as a lead in the school play after Cappy mistakes Dummy Girl for him and has her tied up to the mast.

"Substitute Gargoyle"/"Ship in a Bottle" 17 17

Subsitute Gargoyle: Casper was made a subsitute for one of the gargoyles after he had an accident.

Ship in the Bottle: The bottle that Casper was using for his model ship of Cappy's ship has a curse: whenever someone puts something the bottle and rubs it, the copy of that thing begins to manipulate the original.

"Jack Out of the Box" / "Casper Meets Super Choc" 18 18

"Jack Out of the Box:" Casper finds an old Jack-in-the-Box toy that he can use for the toy swapmeet with Jimmy. Although it turns out that Jack is a wicked toy that wants revenge against Alder and Dash for locking him up. So Jack uses his hypnotic powers on Jimmy and other human kids to invade Scare School.

"Casper Meets Super Choc:" An alien kid named Super Choc comes to Scare School so that he can learn about the most terrifying monster in the world. His power is shooting chocolate out of his ears and turn anything into chocolate.

"Frankengymteacher's Monster"/"Radio Blodge" 19 19

"Frankengymteacher's Monster:" Casper's gang helps Frankengymteacher build a double so that he can be in two places at once or else he'll work for Master Blister at Creepy College.

"Radio Blodge:" Blodge starts his own radio station and tells everyone's secrets.

"Davey Jone's Locker"/"Save Graham" 20 20

"Davey Jones' Locker:" Casper tricked Thatch into opening Davy Jone's Locker which released the spirit of Davy Jones and possesed Dummy Girl. For humilating him at Gym Class that day.

"Save Graham:" Thatch's gang manages to capture Mr. Bradley with one of his own Creature Catcher devices and is brought back to Scare School and with Mr. Bradley gadgets, Thatch's gang takes over Scare School.

"Black Cat"/"Jimmy the Ghost" 21 21

"Black Cat:" Casper dares Norman to spend some time at the manor for teasing Jimmy. Then Norman accidently knocks over some boxes that contain bottles of a potion that switches bodies and Norman ends up switching bodies with a black cat.

Jimmy the Ghost: Jimmy got turned into a ghost by a projector that Casper brought over and Jimmy discovers how fun being a ghost is.

"Woodward's Day Out"/"Calc the Cameleon" 22 22

Woodworth's Day Out: Casper and Jimmy looked for Woodworths who has been since that thunderstorm yesterday.

Calc the Chameleon: Casper gave Calculizard a chameleon's tale to replace the one he lost in the movie theater. Now Calc has the ability to blend in.

"Fearless Freddie"/"Triclops Mistress of Dark" 23 23

Fearless Freddie: Casper and his classmates are assigned to scare a boy named Freddie who doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.

Triclops Mistress of Dark: Triclops adquires magical rings, which she uses to get her revenge on everyone who picked on her.

"The Great Screamboard Disgrace"/"Jimmy's Trunk Call" 24 24
"To Catch a Monster"/"No Bones About" 25 25
"Last Dance"/"Mummy's Boy" 26 26

Reception Edit

The second season received mixed reviews due to poor storylines and radical changes to the series' continuity and some of the characters' personalities such as Thatch and Wolfie.

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