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Casper's Scare School (acronym C(asper's) S(care) S(chool) ) is created by Classic Media and Moonscoop in 2006 as a movie. It is later collabrated into a hit TV series and video game (Spooky Sports Day and Classroom Capers).

Casper's Scare School is majorly a movie/TV series (little known that it is also a game). The movie is about Casper's life at a school enrolled by only monsters in every species (from vampires, zombies and mummies to ghouls, werewolves and ghosts. From gorgons, deformed figures and dragons to demons, witches and goblins) called Scare School. He must know how to be scary, but it's no use-he's a friendly ghost-but with a help from his friends-Mantha (the zombie) and Ra (the mummy)-there is always a way to succeed. But when Casper found out that Alder and Dash, the headmasters of Scare School, plotted an evil plan to dominate the Underworld (and Earth), Casper must save two dimensions and his secret friendship with a human friend from the evil and his main rival, Thatch (the vampire). In the TV series, the journey continues with Casper's life and Scare School. Not all episodes are all about him.

In Spooky Sports Day game, you play as Casper, Ra or Mantha to beat your opponents (mainly Thatch). Once you completed all the sports, you can be able to play as Jimmy or Thatch once both were unlocked. The game is available on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.

The movie is found on YouTube and season one can be found on

The second season has been postponed twice to this Halloween. It was supposed to be aired on last Halloween and then supposed on June 2012.

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