This are the interactions between Casper and Kibosh.


Casper doesn't seem to be afraid of Kibosh, although he still respects him since he is the King of the Underworld.

Kibosh seems to favor Casper over the other students of Scare School since he can relate to Casper since Kibosh used to be friendly when he was Casper's age and also due to the fact that Casper had saved the human and creature worlds. Kibosh is nicer to Casper than with everyone else and most of the time he doesn't mind when Casper stands up to him since he admires Casper's bravery. However, Kibosh still demands absolute obedience from Casper and that Casper scares people and does his part to preserve The Balance.

Episode moments

Vote for Casper

  • Kibosh forces Casper to run for Class Representative since he wants a ghost to take the job.
  • Kibosh gets mad at Casper when he withdraws, yet he have Casper a chance to explain.
  • Kibosh yelled at Alder and Dash to be quiet when they suggested punishments for Casper.
  • Kibosh tells Casper that he won't punish him since he showed bravery by standing up to Kibosh and Kibosh placed his hand on Casper's shoulder when he was done talking.
  • Kibosh gets angry at Alder when he asked if he wouldn't punish Casper "even a little" and tapes his mouth shut.

What Possessed You?

  • Kibosh goes to Scare School for a progress report on Casper and threatens Alder and Dash to either make Casper a terryfing creature or Kibosh will send them to the Chamber of Unspeakable Horrors, which he later does after seeing Casper give a birthday cake to Jimmy.

Ghost Bust a Move

  • Kibosh rewarded Casper, along with Mantha, Ra and Wolfie, with a day off when Kibosh believed they scared a gargoyle.

Power Outage (Part 1 and 2)

  • Kibosh didn't mind when Casper interrupted him while he was giving a speech.

Power Outage (Part 3 and 4)

  • Before Casper went to fight Razznik, he and Kibosh shake hands while Kibosh wishes him good luck.


  • Kibosh confided in Casper that he sometimes wonders why he lets Alder and Dash keep their job and then remembers that it's due to the "entertainment value".