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Biographical Information


Physical Description



Venus Flytrap creature/humanoid

Hair color

Dark green

Eye color


Production information
Voiced by

Dakota Fanning

Valerie is a female Venus Flytrap monster. She is new to Scare School.


Valerie wears dark green techno shirt, dark green jeans with sea green straps, green/black boots and pink jacket. She has dark green wavy hair, green colored skin, lips painted pink and pink eyes.


She is beautiful, smart, manipulative (even though nice people like Casper wouldn't like manipulative people like her) and a bit of a naughty girl. She got herself into trouble when it comes to seducing teenage boys/male creatures. Her looks made male creatures at Scare School faint in love, but female ones wouldn't like to see a sight of her. Despite that, she helps people in need. Her favorite music is techno and electronic

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