Fly Boy
Physical Description



Mutant fly

Eye color


Family Information
Family members

Fly Boy's father (father)

Production information
Voiced by

Jason Harris (movie)

Shelley Smith Shenoy (season 1)

Sharon Mann (season 2) (possibly)

Fly Boy is an strange mutant half-fly half-human who used to be a normal human boy until he, along with his father, were turned into the creatures they are today due to gone of his father's experiments gone wrong.


He has the characterístic traits of a fly, which predomain any human remain. He wears shorts and a green shirt (with one yellow stripe) with two extra sleeves for all his arms.


He is very passive and friendly. In episode The Reflesherator, he doesn't want to be human again since he loves being a fly



He is usually seen with Pumpkinhead among many other students.


He seems to be fond of Mantha since he gave her some of his garbage even after he believed she stole it.


  • He was inspired by the monster of the movie The Fly.
  • He and his father are the only characters that are confirmed to be former humans.

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