Frankengymteacher is the gym teacher at Scare School and the leader of the Scare Scouts.

Appearance Edit

He bears a strong resemblace to Frankenstein's monster.

Personality Edit

Most of the time he is rude and very stern with the students but deep down he cares about (most of) them.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests Edit

Hedy Hopper Edit

She is Frankengymteacher's girlfriend. They are very much in love with each other.

Enemies Edit

Thatch Edit

Frankengymteacher seems to dislike Thatch as he stole Thatch's sandwich and ate it in front of him when he though he could turn invisible in "Now You See Me Now You Don't".

Mickey and Monaco Edit

FGT apparently dislikes Mickey and Monaco since he painted mustaches in their faces with their lipsticks in "Now You See Me Now You Don't".

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