Grandma Smoochy
Physical Description




Eye color

Light blue (season 1)
Dark blue (season 2)

Production information
Last Appearance

Goodbye Jimmy

Grandma Smoochy is the aunt of Stretch, Stinky, Fatso, as well as the grandmother/great-aunt of Casper. She, like her the Ghostly Trio, never graduated from Scare School. She is always telling the Trio how to act.


Grandma Smoochy kissing Stretch

Grandma Smoochy helped Casper drive the Ghostly Trio away from Scare School so that Casper couldn't get expelled due to the Trio's constant pranks.


She is white-colored and has a very wrinkled face, blue eyes the same color as Casper's and short "hair" that loosely resembles an afro. She wears pink glasses, a red cap and a necklace with skulls on it.


  • It is unknown if she is Casper's maternal or paternal grandmother/great-aunt.
  • It is unknown if she is related to Spitzy.

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