[Scare School, outside, day. An unknown figure zooms into the school. As soon as the Sea Monster sees it, he goes underwater. The figure enters the History room. Frankengymteacher gives Hedy Hopper a bouquet of roses]"
Hedy: How rotten of you!
Unknown figure: Hmm!
The couple gasps when they realize who is watching them. The figure passes though the corridors. Two students spot him and back off in fear. One drops his book while the other hides behind it. The figure arrives to the library and finds the Nightwatchmen sound asleep and Ra, Wolfie, Harpy, Mosshead and other students play in the book shelves. Monaco and a sea creature play 'monkey and in the middle' with Pumpkinhead's head'
Punkpkinhead: [trying to get his head back]Come on, that's my head! Come on, guys! Give it back!
The sea creature throws Pumpkinhead's head again and two green hands catch it. Pumpkinhead's expression changes to one of terror as the figure throws his head back nito his body. Monaco and the other creature become quiet. The figure takes one last look at the Nightwatchmen, who is still asleep, and moves on to the science lab