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Stretch is the lanky older brother of Stinky and Fatso, leader of the Ghostly Trio and the uncle of Casper. He, like his brothers, cares deeply for his nephew and enrolled him in Scare School so he can learn to be scary and doesn't get banished to the Valley of Shadows. He sometimes appears at Scare School to make money.


Stretch is tall and thin with teal eyes and a big nose. Like his brothers and nephew, he has blue eyes which are slightly darker than Casper's.


Stretch is a bossy "know-it-all". He is nasty to humans (except Jimmy) but is usually nice to other creatures.



Stinkie and Fatso

Stretch is very close to his younger brothers and is always seen with them. They always scare people and pull pranks with (and on) each other, they also tend to hug each other when they are happy or upset.


Casper is Stretch's nephew. He knows his nephew should be a lot scarier than he is but has a tough time being stern with him, alhough he is still sterner with him than his brohers are. However, he still loves and cares for him very much. He sometimes refers to Casper as his favorite nephew.


Mantha and Ra

Stretch is nice to Mantha and Ra since they are his nephew's friends.

Ra's mother

In "Stage Fright", Stretch and Ra's mother had an argument over who's child was the best and scariest performer.

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