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Hi, welcome to Casper's Scare School Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Spooky The Tuff Little Ghost page.

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- TheLoner (Talk) 20:03, August 14, 2012


Could you explain what were the hints of the Casper and Mantha relationship?.

Mrs. TheLoner, Couldn't you check for yourself? But I would give you with some of it. "Scare Scouts" after fantasy, "Boo!" before Casper went to get Thatch, "First Mate Casper" after day 1 of first mate training, "Ghost in the Gallery" in the beginning of the bedroom scene. Matteso586 (talk) 20:02, September 27, 2012 (UTC)

I could but I don't have much time for that right now plus I still have other wiki pages to edit too.

I'm not saying you can't edit, but it doesn't make any sense to just write the episode title and not explaining what exactly was the hint.

If you want to write about the Jackie Hyde from your fanfiction you have to create a new page with this name: Fanon: Jackie Hyde (Matteso586) - The Fandom sections are about what most fans think of a character. - TheLoner.

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Okay then just TheLoner lied to me twice.

Luis106 Edit

But I could have sworn I saw somebody else with Matteso but with different numbers at the end.

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