Casper, Ra, Mantha and Jimmy are playing catch at the Deedstown park when Mantha loses her arm after catching the ball, when she goes to pick it up she sees a bunch of zombies in an alleyway and three humans beating them up while the zombies make no effort to fight back, Mantha is mortified by this and runs away. However, it turns out that the zombies and humans are all just actors making a movie.

The next day in history class, Hedy Hopper talks about how zombies were tricked into jumping into a cliff, Mantha angrily asks how could they be so stupid and Thatch answers that it is because they are zombies. Feeling outraged, Mantha sneaks out of the school and offers to help the "zombies" to fight for their rights, although the actors believe she is just another actress and cheer for her for "being in character". Ra and Casper follow her and immediately realize what is really going on when they see the director and the cameras, Mantha, however, does not see them and proceeds to hit a man with one of the zombie actors' arm while the director decides to film her doing so. The other actors soon grow annoyed by her and start cornering her, although she escapes.

Mantha believes that zombies are losers after all but Casper and Ra tell her truth, much to her dismay. The director then orders everyone to find Mantha and the kids run away while the director pleads to them to become back, promising to make them all stars. Ra loves the idea and runs back to them, although after they realize he is an actual mummy, everyone tries to capture him. Mantha then removes one of her arms and easily slaps the sctors away.

Later in the winter, the gang takes Jimmy to see the new movie inspired by Mantha: "Z: Queen of the Zombies", although they are forced to run from Mantha's fans.


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